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Super Cub - Deluxe IFR Amphibious Package

For FSX with Acceleration, FSX Gold (Why? Click here), FSX Steam and P3D up to v4.5


Buy Now                                                                              $8.95 (US)


The package contains a single model, in two paint schemes, of perhaps the most expensive and well equipped Super Cub variant available today. Cubs at this level, in real life, are in the $300,000+ (US) range (and that's without top-of-the-line instrumentation and avionics).

This model features, along with the standard features of the overall Super Cub packages, a fully customizable avionics bay. You are able to install any high-end third-party avionics equipment you may own.

Coupled with a 180 hp engine, larger fuel tanks, fuel/baggage pod, amphibious floats and a full suite of instruments, you'll be equipped to go anywhere, anytime.







The Manual can be found in the ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator  X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Super_Cub_Amphib_IFR  folder


  • Flight Dynamics tested by real Super Cub owner (and 747 Captain);
  • Includes custom sounds;
  • Highly accurate VCs;
  • Replaceable avionics: place your third-party GPS, etc.;
  • IFR equipped;
  • Wind sounds when doors and/or sliding windows open;
  • Lower door, keychain react to dynamic forces;
  • Audible overstressing of the airframe;
  • Fully functional amphibious floats, including pull-up water rudders;
  • GPS can be stowed away;
  • Removable fuel/baggage pod;
  • Fully clickable and workable cockpits overall;
  • Two different textures;
  • Revised float dynamics;
  • Bump and specular mapping;
  • Animated pilot;
  • Full flight operations manual, accurate and derived from the original;
  • Paint kit





Please note: Sceneries depicted in screenshots are the spectacular Plum Island Airport and Tongass Fjords, by FSAddon, and Twin Oaks Portland by Orbx.